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Tips for Healthier Baking

A lot of those that live in the UK enjoy being able to go to their local bakeshop to buy their cakes and pastries. On occasion, they also like to bake at home as well. There is a growing concern about consuming these type of foods because of health factors. Health officials have been very active in bringing to the attention of consumers the dangers of consuming too much sugar and some of the other ingredients that can be contained in these type of baked goods.

Healthier Techniques

While it is important to pay attention to this advice it is also important to be aware that many of the bakeries in the UK are adopting healthier baking techniques. In addition to this, home bakers can also adapt many of the techniques that are now being used.

Sugar and Fats

Sugar is the number one culprit that is of concern when it comes to cakes and pastries, but there is equal concern about the fats that are used in these type of baked goods. Bakeries are now using unsaturated fats for their baking, and this is encouraged to be done at home as well.

There is the approach of being able to just reduce the saturated fat, but indications are it is more beneficial to replace this with an unsaturated spread. When done properly as a good quality bakeshop does, there is really no compromise in the flavour or the texture. Oil can be used in place of the butter in most recipes, and bakeries that use this will often say that their clients notice no difference. In fact, some find that the cake has better moisture.

When it comes to sugar there are a lot of substitutes at that are being used now. Many of the bakeshops are offering a variety of cakes that have the icing replaced with other components. This may be with the use of fruit glazes or icings that are made with sugar substitutes.

Another way of being able to cut back on that the sugar content with the icing, is to use glazes of icing rather than a butter icing. Even the fancy cakes like those used for birthdays and special events, can be used with these type of icing techniques.