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    Choosing Your Wedding Cake

    Who does not drool over the photo of a newly-wedded couple, slicing their piece of cake? Whether it is a photo of your friend, parents, or even grandparents, one thing is for sure; such a picture is a timeless classic. Put aside all the wedding fun, choosing a perfect cake for your big day can be overwhelming if you’re not prepared. In the past, one had to only choose between a fruit and a carrot cake, but times have significantly changed. Today (as of 2018), deciding on a flavour is the least of your worries; plus, you need to choose between a traditional cake or a cupcake. You will also…

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    Creative Cakes And Pastries

    There is no person in the world that would say ‘no’ to a delicious piece of cake. Well, would you resist a rich chocolate cake or some of the grandma’s cinnamon rolls? I don’t think so. Some people think that cakes and pastries are strictly prohibited if you lead a healthy lifestyle but, that’s not true. There are plenty of cake recipes online, and many different types of pastries. After all, what is life without these sweet indulgences from time to time? Let’s find out more about cakes and pastries in this article. In the past, cakes were alterations of bread but, today they cover an extensive range of simple…