Cakes Pastries Industry

Cake Baking Careers

With there being so many different ways to purchase cakes and pastries in the UK, it opens up a lot of opportunities for those who want to make a career in this industry. There are a variety of different courses that one can take to give themselves the education they need to break into the industry.

Speciality Careers

One of the specialities careers that has become most popular is the cake decorating industry. It takes a set of skills to be able to bake the cakes and pastries, but it takes another set of skills to be able to do the decorations.

The visual appeal is just as important as the rest of the components that the cakes and pastries are comprised of. The courses that are offered don’t have an entry criterion but they do encourage some experience in the baking of cakes and pastries.


The skills that are learned for this particular career are comprise being able to model with icing, as well as performing cake sculpting, and then the finishing cake decorating.

All one has to do is look at the many different versions of cakes that are absolutely stunning in their decorating and design to appreciate why it is absolutely necessary to have the sufficient skills to complete these.