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    Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavours

    A wedding is a special event. So, everything has to be planned and picked carefully to suit the occasion. And with a wedding cake being the most critical bite at the reception, it shouldn’t be just any cake. The cake should be prepared to perfection, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. But the big challenge comes when you have to choose your wedding cake flavour. Weddings are not the same, and neither are the cake flavours. So, which flavour will suit your big day? The following are seven cake flavours which reign supreme at wedding receptions. You may want to give them a shot. Chocolate This is perhaps the…

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    How to Choose Cakes for Corporate Events

    For those who are in charge of corporate events, they have a lot of responsibilities. One of these is the food that is going to be served. Even if it is just a dessert such as a cake that is going to be required, some thought must be put into choosing the right one. Knowing Who It Will Be Served To Many people are becoming very conscientious about how the items they are consuming affects their health. This means that when it comes to a dessert such as cake, they may be more cautious about what they are eating, especially if they are concerned about sugar content. For example, those…

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    Tips on Baking the Perfect Cake

    We’ve all been there; burnt cake, dry cake, cake that crumbles before your eyes as you take it out of the pan. If you are only just starting out on your journey to become the best baker in the land, or you are a baker looking to refine your skills and techniques, well, we could all use some help sometimes. We have compiled 10 tips to make the best cake, that guarantee your cake will turn out perfectly. Follow the Recipe Baking is, in fact, a science, and you must stick to the recipe, without adding a pinch more of this or a teaspoon more of that. If you do,…