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How to Buy the Best Cake Stand

A cake stand can be the deal maker or breaker. So, while baking a beautiful and tasty cake is fundamental, the stand should also be perfect. This article shares everything bakers need to be aware of before purchasing a cake stand.

Types of Cake Stands

The first thing you need to do is to find a retailer that has a wide variety of cake stands, from the pedestal stands to the tiered stands, floating stands, and plateau stands. Each of these is ideal for different occasions. It’s essential to understand the pros and cons of each stand before purchase.


Cake stands are produced using different materials. You will find iron wire stands, glass stands, metal stands, and porcelain stands. For those who want a sturdy and durable cake stand, iron wire stands and metal stands will be the best. However, if you want something classy, a glass or porcelain stand will be the best choice.

Size and Weight

Whether you choose a pedestal or tiered cake stand, a metal or porcelain stand, the most significant consideration should be the cake size and weight. Make sure the cake stand you buy can comfortably support the size and weight of the cake. You don’t want any disappointments on the big day.

That’s it, a guide to buying the best cake stand. As mentioned earlier, the cake stand can be the deal maker or breaker, so you must get it right!