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Tips for Choosing the Right Birthday Cake

With there being so many wonderful bakeries in the UK, it means there are plenty of choices for getting the perfect birthday cake.

There are lots of occasions that create the need for cakes and pastries, but few are as special as the birthday event. With there being so many birthday cake choices, it can be a bit of a challenge in choosing the right one. These few tips may be of help in choosing the one that is going to be right for your event.

The Theme

Most often there will be a theme for the birthday party. Especially if it is a children’s party. You will want to know what this is ahead of time. That way you can order a custom cake that is going to fit right in.

The Size

It can be a little difficult determining what size of cake is needed. The style of the cake will factor into this. Most find that a square cake goes much further than a round cake. It will all depend on how the portions are cut. The bakery can offer advice as to what size cake is best. You will need to provide them with the number that will be attending the event.

The Ingredients

One thing that you will discover is that birthday cakes can be made from many different ingredients. The same applies to the icing. It is always wise to go with the lighter cakes, meaning those with less sugar. With the ingredients available to the bakers today, birthday cakes can be made for those who have health issues. For example, there are special icings that can be used for those that have diabetes. Or gluten-free cakes can be made. The best part is that these special birthday cakes taste just as good as those with traditional ingredients!