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Vape Cakes are All the Rage

Vapers have something special to look forward to on holidays. For those who buy disposable vapes UK products, vape cakes are becoming a popular trend. Loved ones turn to skilled cake bakers to design a vape-shaped cake to surprise vaping friends and relatives. Here are a few considerations for cake buyers seeking the perfect vape-shaped cake.


Surprising a vaper with a vape cake is not enough. Customizing the cake to look like a familiar or beloved vape cartridge adds a little extra to a celebration for a vaper. To do this, one may take a picture of the vape cartridge to let the cake maker know the exact look that the Disposable vapes UK buyer wants to recreate. Professional bakers may consider the picture in developing a detailed drawing of the cake to determine how to construct it and design it. Taking into account the guidance of the buyer, the baker uses his creativity to make the cake of the vaper’s dreams.


Colors for a vape-shaped cakes are only limited by imagination. A cake buyer may choose the loved one’s favorite colors, movie theme, or traditional color of the vape cartridge that the vaper uses daily. Once done, the finished cake is bound to bring the vaper a surprise to make a birthday, holiday, or other celebration special.