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Cakes for kids’ parties – embrace pink!

Anyone throwing a party for a little girl will know that pink will often play a huge role in the party. Whether it is pink clothes or balloons – pink is often a major feature of the room. If you have a little girl who loves pink, there are plenty of ways to make sure that pink is the main colour on the cake.

You can also opt for a cake that is more than a basic square or circular design. Kids love cakes that go with a theme and the more elaborate the better. So, what type of cake would look great with a pink colour scheme?

A princess cake is a popular option. The actual cake is shaped like a dome and decorated like the full skirt of a ballgown. The top half of a doll (similar to a Barbie doll) from its waist is set onto the cake into the centre. Frosting can be used to decorate the doll to create the top half of the ‘dress’. Girls who love Disney princesses will adore a cake like this, particularly if you opt for one that recreates a Disney princess outfit.

A unicorn cake is another choice that has acquired a lot of fans in recent years. Unicorns have become popular with little girls as they are often portrayed with pink manes and plenty of sparkles. A unicorn-shaped cake is fairly easy to create and will definitely be greeted with a lot of enthusiasm. The good news is that you can’t really go wrong with a unicorn because they are mythical creatures so you can be very creative.

For something much more elaborate a castle cake is a good choice, but to keep with the pink theme think more Disney castle than historic building. Create a white castle with a pink roof, pink window frames and pink doors and the children will love it. A few figures dotted about – a knight on a horse, a princess looking out of a window – and it creates a scene that will capture the imagination.

Decorate in pink

If pink is the main theme of the day, then pink decorations are going to be essential. Pink balloons are a must but you can also think about making some of the soft furnishings of the room fit in with the scheme. Adding a pink rug to the room will give it an instant lift and brighten the décor, helping to make it party-ready in no time. A few pink cushions will help too and for the party buffet table, think about pink paper plates, pink napkins and pink beakers for drinks.

Pink does not have to be the main colour for everything connected to the party, but a few pink things here and there will be enough to put a smile on the birthday girl’s face. Add a touch of glitter in places and she will feel as though she is a real princess on her special day.