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World’s Biggest Cake

There are some wonderful bakeries throughout the UK. These are owned and operated by some very talented bakers. Many of whom love a challenge. Perhaps not a challenge of making the world’s biggest cake, but one such baker did take this on, and was very successful at it. He has become known for making the world’s biggest cake. At least for now. For surely someone will come along that will want to beat the record.

The batter was so heavy that the pans holding it had to be lifted with a forklift. This doubled as a birthday cake that ended up holding a thousand candles. The birthday recipient was only three years old.

It is a wonderful feat and an impressive one at that. It is a clear indicator of just want can be done with a simple sponge batter.

While this was a fun challenge, it was also a way to bring some recognition to the cake and pastries industry that has been receiving a lot of flack lately about the ingredients used in their products. It is an important industry for the economy, and one that needs to be supported.