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Starting A Free From Bakery

With all of the concerns that are being put on bakeries, it means that they have to make a lot of changes when it comes to the nutrition in the cakes and pastries that they are offering. For those who are wanting to get into this industry, a good approach would be to start what is known as a “free from” bakery. What this means is that the baked goods that are made, are gluten-free and fat-free.

Starting out this way would allow one to become established, and be well ahead of the general complaints that now focus on these types of baked goods.


Many of the bakeries have come up with some innovative ways to overcome the concerns about the sugar and fats that are in cakes and pastries, and they are actually finding ways to make these particular desserts far more nutritional.

They are doing this with the use of dark chocolate, which is being promoted as being good for health in many different ways. Plus they are using fresh fruits which is ideal for getting more fruits into an individual, especially those who are not prone to eating a selection of fruits.