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Impact Of Obesity From Cakes And Pastries

One of the concerns about the consumption of cakes and pastries, is that of obesity. There is a growing concern for children who are dealing with obesity problems. In order to combat this, there are a lot of news releases being done about the dangers of foods that are high in sugar and fats, and these normally include cakes and pastries.

Reduction of Negative Impacts

The bakery industry is one that is been around for a very long time. Consumers in the UK take great enjoyment from being able to buy products from baking establishments. However, the local bakeries are putting forth great efforts to help reduce some of the negative impacts that their products may have on the consumer.


There are campaigns that are being run in support of the government crackdown on sugar. It is very difficult to deprive children of cakes and pastries, especially when the parents have a desire to consume them as well. However, by buying baked cakes and pastries that are made with sugar alternatives and reduced fat, consumers can go a long way in satisfying the worries about obesity and not having to deprive children of sweets such as the cakes and pastries that they desire.

Proper Proportions

Another problem is not so much as to the content, but overindulging in these type of baked goods. Keeping a tighter control and offering smaller portions is another solution. Plus going for the cakes with fruit and dark chocolate is a better choice.