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Sugar Conflict In Cakes And Pastries

Many UK consumers are feeling the pressure in regards to cutting back on the sweets that they consume. This includes cakes and pastries. It creates a conflict for them, as cake and pastries have a long history in the UK, and are not going to be given up easily. However, there is no real reason to do so, because many of the bakeries throughout the UK are taking proactive steps to provide solutions.

Obesity Concerns

The public health organization in the UK has a growing concern regarding obesity and obesity in children. As a form of outreach, they are challenging the industry that produces cakes and chocolate to reduce the amount of sugar used by 20%. They are hoping that this will take place by the year 2020, with the start of 5% for the coming year.


The concern is for the amount of sugar that is being consumed by children. The indicators are that they are taking in three times more than what is recommended. Not only are they worried about weight gain, they are also worried about diabetes and some forms of cancer in adults.

Proactive Steps

This puts a lot of pressure on the industry as sugar reduction is not an easy task. However, many of the small shops throughout Britain are taking proactive steps. All one has to do is look at the great British bake-off to see evidence of this. The offerings here are refined sugar-free cakes, and it creates a challenge for those who are going to enter the contest to be able to produce cakes that contain no sugar. They have come up with a variety of ideas to be able to substitute the sugar. One of these, of course, is artificial sweeteners, but there are many that are experimenting with fruit as well as agave, and maple syrup.


What this indicates is that where there isa will there is a way. Those that are in the cakes and pastries industry take their responsibilities seriously. They want to be part of any action that is going to create a healthier lifestyle for their consumers. At at the same time, they need to be able to protect their industry while meeting consumer needs.

Extra Expense

What comes with this challenge, it is the extra expense, as it is difficult to find replacements for sugar, and most often these are more costly. For example, the use of fresh fruits as a sugar replacement is going to increase the cost. There are also concerns regarding the shelf life. However, in most cases, the private bakers shelf life is not a priority. It is because their goods are most often consumed within the first a day or two. The majority of their consumers insist on fresh cakes and pastries ,realizing that they are forfeiting the shelf life when buying them in this fashion.