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The Cupcake Craze

There is nothing like a good old-fashioned chocolate cake. Then there is the traditional wedding cake that is comprised of fruitcake and three tiers. Then there is the cupcake. One may think that the cupcake would never outshine the traditional cakes, but they it has.

It has become a trend to serve cupcakes at a wedding now, instead of a wedding cake. Then on top of this, birthday cakes are being fashioned out of cupcakes. It really is quite intriguing how this is done. The trick is with the icing. The cupcakes are lined up in rows. Then a complete layer of icing is spread across the top of them. It is the icing that joins them all together and creates an illusion that it is one big cake.

The Advantages of the Cupcakes

The cupcakes provide some convenience when it comes to serving them at weddings and birthdays. There is less waste because one cupcake can be allocated per guest. It means one is able to judge much easily as to the amount of cake that is needed.

The cupcakes used for the wedding really do make a nice display.