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Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Cake

A Wedding cake is one of the most important cakes that can be bought. Modern-day bakeries now offer a grand selection of these cakes. But for those that want to stick with the traditional style wedding cakes, there is still that option available. The new bride and groom often don’t realize how many decisions they are going to have to make regarding the wedding cake.

The Style

One of the most important decisions will be about the style of the cake. Now there are so many different styles outside of the standard three-tier cake. If the wedding is going to be a themed wedding, then there are great opportunities to have themed wedding cakes.

The Size

Size is going to be important. But you want to decide if you are going to have one cake for display then the second cake can be cut for guests. Usually, the second wedding cake is made with the same ingredients as the display cake, but it is flat so it can be cut into serving sizes.

With so many different types of wedding cake styles, it is easy to get carried away with the choices. Do try to stay focused and make sure that the cake is going to enhance the rest of the food fare and decor of the hall.

Order Early

It is important to order your wedding cake early. It takes time for the bakeries to make this type of cake. Also at the same time, you can decide on the ingredients you want the cake to be comprised of. This will be factored into the time it takes to have this cake ready.