Cakes Pastries Industry

How Much Are Cakes and Pastries Enjoyed in the UK?

It always takes a while for statistics to be gathered regarding any industry. The same applies to the cakes and pastries industry. But going back a few years gives a good idea of just how viable this particular industry is in the UK. It may seem that looking back at 2013 is a way back, however, the data that is collected then is important to those in the cakes and pastries industry now.


It is definitely an industry that has been around for a while and continues to grow. The statistics show that it was forecast that between 2012 and 2017, the cake and pastries growth rate would be at 10.6% and 23.6%. This industry combined with the bread industry, managed to create $9.03 billion in 2012 for the economy.

Industry Growth Projection

With the projection of the cake industry growth of about 2% each year up to 2017, it was encouraging for those who are in this market. While there is a lot of bakeshops that one can enjoy, it is the grocery retailers that take the lead when it comes to distribution channels.


What was noted to be of importance is that in regards to cakes, the trend was that the consumers were putting a lot of focus on freshness. They were also opting to buy those that were made with more natural ingredients. This took a turn in the production of the cakes and pastries for those that focused on shelf life. The artisan cakes began to take the lead when it came to the cake category. Cakes that were made in massive volume and packaged were tending to backslide in their sales. This was obviously good news for the local bakeries that tend to bake their goods fresh every day.


Flavors play an important role for the UK consumers of cakes and pastries. Between the years of 2012 and 2013, the leading flavours were chocolate, plain, lemon, fruit, and strawberry.


UK consumers of cakes and pastries that are buying them from the supermarket have their preferences when it comes to package types as well. The top five begins with flexible, carton, clam pack, tab, and tray. An interesting factor is that when it comes to manufacturer type, more of the UK consumers prefer the private label versus the branded.


The promoters of the cakes and pastries have to stay on par with the market, and they do this by coming out with special features or claims. During this period of time, they comprise: vegetarian, environmentally friendly packaging, and no additives or preservatives.

It is easy to see that the cake and pastry industry is a booming one in the UK, and that the citizens here have a fondness for their sweets, but do have high expectations.